One comment on “A Romance About Romance

  1. Enjoying the blog! Lots of good stuff here. I do have a few points which may require clarity. The first:

    “you can allude to the event yet never go into detail and your reader will imagine it as he or she sees fit. In that way, you are not responsible for the sinful thoughts that spur from the reading of such passages”

    I believe the writer is more responsible for the imaginations of the reader than most realize. There are certain implications which may be necessary for the story, but such implications should be well-thought through to ensure their potential consequences outweigh the risks…and should be handled with grace and from proper worldview.

    The second being, “Romance ends at marriage”…this paraphrased thought shows your inexperience bro. Romance is not the path to love, but the process whereby love is expressed. A romance is a never-ending journey where two people can share the deepest parts of themselves with one another, exclusively. Similarly to how God romances His people, the goal is not merely to reunite us with His presence and consummate the marriage, for what purpose is the wooing if it stops when the goal is attained?

    Put another way, if the wooing of romance is what draws you in the first place, what keeps you once you are drawn? A romance then, is a lifestyle of giving of oneself for another. A process the merely begins at marriage and continues throughout all life.

    Great thoughts. Keep up the good work.


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