2 comments on “What To Do About Dating

  1. Interesting article. I would throw out there something to ponder.

    1) dating itself is not inherently wrong.
    2) you can date without physical intimacy. Whether or not there is PT is not dependent on whether you are dating or not.
    3) getting to know your future spouse is actually a good thing. It creates a sense of non-dependency and learning to know what will in fact worth for you. You are the individual marrying, not your parents, not your friends, not your family. This decision is what YOU will have to live with.
    4) interesting analogy, yet flawed. There are plenty of young men who are Godly yet old because they were not watching for the person that would work for them. You have to be pursuing treasure in order to find it. Ruby’s won’t fall into your lap; you have to dig for them.
    5) Just as a piece of advice, leave subjects that you don’t have experience in to those who do. It’s hard to have wisdom on a subject without experience.
    6) There is no cookie cutter for life. Some people it may work to not date, (aka your family) other people come from different backgrounds and families.

    7) dating does in fact work; and without PT. I am in fact married now and saved my first kiss for marriage: no Major PT.

    Just some thoughts.. 😉


    • Hey Jerry. First off, awesome, awesome feedback. This is just what I’ve been looking for in my readers. It helps me to clarify my points when people take the time to explain their opinions and views. So, thanks.

      Secondly, there is so much to answer to in those 7 points that I’m actually devoting my next post to the answering most of them. Say tuned, I hope it answers some of your questions.


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